Friday, December 01, 2006

It's a done deal.

Well, after weeks of waiting and wondering, the Director of my library has resigned. This is not a good thing - not a good thing at all. If you are so inclined, you can probably reach this story if you sign-up with the Providence Journal.

Sigh. I haven't said a whole lot about this on this blog, basically because I am one of those gutless bloggers who worries about what would/will happen if certain folks read what I have to say. I say gutless because I firmly believe that I should be able to say whatever the hell I want on my blog without fear of reprisal, but we all know that that is not reality...

But, I will say this: I think it stinks, and I think it's political BS, and I think it's going to hurt the library. This was not a strategy that was supported by the library patrons - quite the opposite, in fact. But, hey, who the hell cares about what the LIBRARY PATRONS think!?

I didn't even get to say goodbye - I've been out of work sick with a nasty cold (and I am a firm believer in keeping your damn germs to yourself). So, the crap hit the fan last night, and now he's gone. Cripe.

In the short-term, I think the library will carry on as usual (except for the fact that most of the staff is really bummed about this) - the people who work at the library have, for the most part, been there a long time and know how to do their jobs well. But, I have the definite impression that the board will not be looking for a "progressive" director, and in the long term this will only serve to hurt us. I don't see us moving toward any "2.0" goals anytime soon, now.

I really hope that I get the job I applied for - it's definitely time for me to move on.

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