Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Library Talk - Shall we try this again?

OK, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I've done up a Library Talk Blog.

At the moment, it's an old-school Blogger blog; in order to post, you'll need a Blogger account. HOWEVER, anytime now the Blogger folks are going to pretty much force everyone to switch over to the NEW Blogger - meaning that you will have to create a NEW account with Blogger using your Google (or Gmail) login at that time. What I suggest is this - if you have not already done so, go create your new Blogger account (as well as update your profile) now, so that when the switch-over happens, you'll be ready to go. Right now I am not "eligible" to switch over, but when I am forced to, I will.

All the details about how I see this working are in the first post. Naturally, this whole process will evolve when (if?) people get involved with the blog.

I will be looking for a couple of moderators as well. No big comittment, just an extra hand with keeping an eye out for comment spam and inappropriate comments (meaning mods will have "admin" logins).

Even though I have some issues with Blogger, and I'm not a huge fan of some of the BETA changes, I created Library Talk in Blogger because
1.) I wanted it to be easily accessible to anyone who wants to post, and many people already have Blogger and/or Google accounts
2.) I don't have the time to learn how to create a blog register/login system (like MetaFilter has) unless this becomes wildly popular and usage dictates that we need another vehicle
3.) it was easy to throw together as an experiment

So, here ya go - have at it!

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Anonymous said...

Blogger is definitely not my favorite blogging engine (Go WordPress!). But considering how I've been right there with you on the "listservs suck, let's have more communities" stage, I'd have to be a real putz not to sign on for this. I've created my new GoogleBlogger ID, so I'm ready to post on Library Talk. And I'll sign up for mod duties, too.