Friday, February 24, 2006

Interesting YA purchases of late

This was a little odd - when I opened my last YA order, I found that I had ordered 4 titles that were written in verse of some sort:
Dead on Town Line
A Bad Boy can be Good for a Girl
Seeing Emily
The Crazy Man

Each of these books is different in theme and tone, and The Crazy Man is meant for the younger end of the YA spectrum. I am going to read A Bad Boy can be Good for a Girl, because it sounds like several men I have known...

Taking a look around Amazon, it seems like the verse thing is exploding. The few books in verse that I had up until this point have circulated well, and have been popular with reluctant readers as well as voracious readers. Cool.

Just a general update...

Well, things have been up in the air recently (or should I say, "as always").

My new job, which I announced to the world, didn't come to fruition. It's a long, stupid, upsetting story, so I will skip it except to say that the whole experience knocked the wind out of me and I have had a hard time getting on track. Thank God that my current job was as yet unfilled, as I had given notice.

So, I'm back to looking for a full-time gig, with mixed feelings. I LOVE my part-time job - it's interesting (most of the time), and the people I work with are great. It's so hard to find a job where people get along, where you feel important and respected, where the work is enjoyable, where the commute doesn't drain all my money... But, sadly, it doesn't come close to paying the bills, and that puts a huge strain on me (and my boyfriend, who is sick of paying my bills). If this job were full-time, I'd be very happy.

There's very little work in the area, outside of Children's Librarian and Director's positions - and I am neither. The random reference gig is almost always in Boston, and I have NO INTEREST in working in Boston. Part-time gigs alway require weekend shifts, and I already work weekends - I am frustrated and sad.

Cool Librarian, the business, has been stagnant. I am trying to figure out how to market myself with essentially no money. Um, that's not working. But, I am waiting on some artwork and I plan to pepper my area with postcards and flyers - perhaps that will drum up some interest. If I could get other people to love me as much as my regular patrons do, I'd be all set!