Cool "Stuff"

I’m using the term “software” loosely here - many of these links are simply sites that allow you to share information, or offer a cool utility, without requiring a giant software download. This will most likely be a hodge-podge of fun, and useful, “stuff.”

All Consuming

All Consuming started off as an adendum to “43 Things,” but has quickly grown into its own. It’s what I use to list (and review) the books I am reading in the sidebar of my library and personal blogs. Fun.


Consolidate all those widgets in your bookmarking toolbar in one tab! Pretty easy to use, convenient result, and free!


The most popular bookmark manager/tagger out there. Everyone loves it (except me). Everyone I know uses it. It’s all good.


Feed2JS (Feed to JavaScript) is another tool for adding feed contenet to your blog or site. This tool is a bit more sophisticated than Feevy, and having SOME understanding of simple code MIGHT be helpful, but all-in-all it seems simple enough (and very flexible). You can host it on their server, one of several mirror sites, or your own server, and you can style it as you like. And, I just noticed that the code was created by Alan Levine, the guy who created the Multipost Bookmarklet Tool that I have blogged about. Cool.


Feevy is a cool tool that adds feed (rss) content to your blog or website. It's pretty much pre-fabbed in style, but that actually makes it a great tool for bloggers who don't want to go mucking with code.


My all-time favorite photo sharing and storage site. There are tons of sites similar to this, and I’ve tried a lot of them, but this my top pick for sharing and storing your digital pics - and the “community” aspect is tremendous. I never new that so many librarians were into photography! There is free basic service, and expanded storage for a mere 25 bucks per YEAR. There’s some amazing artistic work here as well.

Library Thing

Cool. So cool. Catalog your books here. Link to your bookshelf here. Meet others who share your reading tastes here. Keep track of what you are reading here. I have vowed to spend one whole rainy day playing with this. Cool.

A “community weblog” that allows registered users to post to the blog, ask questions, and more. Some VERY interesting stuff here, from serious to silly. It has turned into one of the largest information communities on the internet - it's very cool.


If you use many IM programs and want the convenience of a browser-run platform, check out Meebo. Want a nifty IM widget for your blog or site? Check out Meebo.



Ning has changed a great deal since I first blogged about it in 2006. It went from being a place where you could create and/or clone lots of social "apps" to a place where you can create your own social network(s). In other words, you can create a network that works similarly to MySpace/FaceBook/Live Spaces, but tailored to your needs. I think usage has fallen off a bit, but you may still find a good use for it, especially in a school setting where Facebook may not be allowed.


Want to find new music to listen to? Want to try out a different internet “radio” station? Then check out Pandora. Pandora uses the information from the Music Genome Project to create radio “stations” just for you based on the names of artists or songs that you stipulate. You can share your stations, rate the songs played on your station (to better “tune” the music they send you), check out the Top 20 stations…. Lots of fun!


One of the latest entries in the personal blog editor field. Qumana is free, has WYSIWYG capabilities, and has the cool feature of adding tags directly to Technorati (or your blog), if you are so inclined. Qumana was a breeze to set up and use, and did what it said it would do. So, cool - it’s free!


I cannot say enough good things about Skype. As a life-long phone addict, this is the best thing to happen to me since voice mail. This VOIP program is easy to use, FREE to download, FREE to use (with other Skypers - or CHEAP when calling regular phones), and provides excellent sound quality. If you do not want to be tied to a corded headset, it works with Bluetooth headsets or many of the VOIP corded and cordless phones available. You can even get a phone number so that people who aren't into the VOIP thing can call you from a landline or cell phone. I dumped my landline and use Skype instead. Awesome…


Tumblr creates a links "blog" rather than just a list like most of the other social bookmark tools. Tumblr's floral icon is reminiscent of Magnolia (hmmmm), and it's easy to use. Probably not for everyone, but it does have its uses and its fans. Great for creating something small and quick on the fly.


There’s Flickr for your photos, and Vimeo for your video clips. User-friendly, fun, free. Was completely eclipsed by You Tube. But, because I always seem to prefer the underdog, this is the site I use for video clips. In terms of speed and ease of use, I like Vimeo better than You Tube, and you don't have the horrendous "comments" that YouTube has.

You Tube

The most popular site for uploading your video clips. Tons of clips ranging from nearly professional to absolutely evil. I still prefer the ease of Vimeo, but this is a THE place to browse for video.


Zanzar is an online file conversion tool. And although there's an "email step" that the service could well do without, files are converted without too much fuss. Zamzar covers a wide variety of file formats, and since it's free and operates online and doesn't interfere with your hardware/software/security config, you might want to keep it in mind for patrons using your public access machines (I find I use it frequently for patrons).


Zotero is a great download that works with Firefox (and Netscape Navigator 9 and some versions of Flock) to keep track of your research sources. Zotero captures citation information, allows tagging, saves searches, exports formatted citations, allows note taking, and more. It's free and open-source, so expect changes, additions, and updates along the way. It rocks.

A List of Social Bookmarking Apps

Here’s a list of the social bookmarking apps I have checked out - there’s sure to be one here for you. - Easily the most widely used. One of the first to “tag.”
MyWeb - Yahoo's latest entry
Netvouz - Has folder organization as well as tagging
Diigo - This used to be FURL. This is the one I use - it takes some time to learn all the ins and outs, but I like it a lot.
Tumblr - Creates a links "blog" rather than just a list
Connotea - Designed for “business” - looks business-y, works like the others
Wists - Called “social shopping,” this is like a wish list on steroids. Love it.