Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's all about me(me).

Thanks for tagging me, Josh! I love silly stuff like this. If you don't give a rat's ass about my personal trivia, um, you're crazy.

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I spent the better part of a year a few years ago "following" the Barenaked Ladies with my best friend. We traveled up and down, all around, from Pennsylvania to Toronto. We got lost, we got front-row seats (cuz I'm cute), we got hugs from Steven Page and Ed Robertson, I got a drum stick from Tyler Stewart, we stalked them at the Providence Place Mall, and we had an absolute blast.

2. I won a blue ribbon at the 2002 Portsmouth, RI 4H fair in the Cast Iron Skillet Throwing contest. Yes, yes I did.

3. I took a typewriter with me to college. When my roommate asked why I didn't use the computer instead, I said, "I'm not using a stupid computer!" You see, I had to be tutored through BASIC in high school as I had no understanding of, or affinity for, computers. This just cracks me up, now.

4. Becoming a librarian was a total lark. The guy I was dating at the time (a librarian) suggested I look into it. I called the local MLIS program, went to take my MATs the next day, scored well, got an ALA scholarship, and was sitting in class 5 months later. I had no idea.

5. With 1362 "finds," I am the top-ranked geocacher in Rhode Island. A friend of mine refers to geocaching as "organized littering," but he's a big spud, so I don't listen to him. Oddly enough, I have been asked by RILA to give a talk on geocaching.

"Bonus Fact"
6. I have an unnatural tolerance for pain. I recently found out that I have broken several bones (that are now healed) and didn't know it. I'm a big freak.

I'm supposed to tag five other people - I apologize if you've been tagged already...
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Lola said...

Well hello there. I'm glad to have found your site, thanks for stopping by mine. :)

I'll say you have an unnerving tolerance to pain - broken bones? You're hard lady!

Will be swinging by again soon.

Lola x