Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Meebo Me

When I signed on to Meebo this morning, the Meeblog had these nice things to say about librarians!

I have been using Meebo daily for about 6 months now, and it has replaced Trillian as my IM multi-tool of choice. I still think that Trillian is one of the best, and most stable, multi IM clients around, but I am just in love with the fact that I can hop on Meebo no matter where I am. It means one less piece of software I have to have running in the background, and one less program to download if I'm not at home.

Like Jessamyn, I have been wanting to turn my library on to Meebo. We currently block all chat and IM, and block sites that support chat/IM like MySpace. This policy was in place before I arrived on the scene, and it's pretty obvious that I'm the only one that thinks it's a bad/short-sighted policy, but I have wondered if Meebo might be the ticket to addressing the issue. Side note: The teens have a number of ways to get around the blocks and into MySpace, but they haven't figured out that they can chat from Gmail without encountering a block. I don't know how it is other places, but it seems that the kids in this area don't use/have Gmail accounts, and instead use MySpace, Yahoo, and Hotmail (in that order) for email. Interesting.

Anyway, if I could get the library onboard with Meebo, the next step would be to push for some level of IM reference using the Meebo Widget. Perhaps I will play with this concept on the teen blog. I have the widget on my personal blog, and it works great.

Hopefully, I will hear about the job soon - it's hard for me to "make plans" and come up with ideas when I have no idea if I will be around to implement them.

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