Directories, unlike search engines, are a collection of specific resources. Depending on who is doing the choosing, directories can often yield “better” results to your query because of the “peer-reviewed” nature of the resources. This website, for example, is a directory, albeit a tiny (and sometimes silly) one. Directories sometimes also offer links to sites with databases that are not mined by traditional search engines (often refered to as the “Deep Web”).


Arranged by Dewey number as well as alphabetically, this UK-based directory offers a ton of decent websites to peruse.

Complete Planet

Complete Planet is another large site, but it links to a number of quality “deep web” resources and specialty search engines.


A collection of “scholarly” resources maintained by the Regents of the University of California. Has a search interface similar to journal databases. When I serached for “poverty” under the “cultural
diversity” heading, I was directed to a number of great sites. I like it!

Librarian’s Internet Index

One of the best known directories in library land. A great choice for quality resources.

The Neglected Books Page

This site is a listing of “neglected books” from a variety of sources. Many are out-of-print, some still easily available, and almost all nearly forgotten by the masses. A great place to find something “unusual” to read.

WWW Virtual Library

Don’t let the ugly and clunky web design throw you - this site offers some great resources, especially in the areas of technology. But, really, the inconsistent design really gets annoying…

The Mother of all Art and Art History Links Page

If you are interested in art, or plan on a career as an art librarian, this is a must-see site. A tremendous collection of links to art, Women’s studies, African-American studies, photography, philosophy, art schools, museums, and image collections. Kudos to the University of Michigan for creating and maintaining this site.

Yahoo Directory

Yahoo offered one of the first online directories. As one of the oldest, it offers a staggering number of links - but sometimes with quantity comes lower quality. A good place to start if you are new to directory searching.