Thursday, May 10, 2007

Short Attention Span

You'd think that this under-employed thing would allow me to accomplish all sorts of stuff. But, um, no - in fact, I find that the more "free" time I have on my hands, the less I get done. I get too distracted by endless blog reading and other shiny objects - and by the time I get my act together to do something that actually needs doing, I'm not in the mood to do it (I am most productive early in the day). When I am working more, I get much more done, because it's necessary for me to be focused.

Anyway, I have finally updated the libraryland pages - I think all of the recently blogged content is accounted for, and I have updated the style to be a bit more readable (black text, more white space, better line height).

Also, I think I am going to try a new approach with the Info Share page. For some reason (and I am starting to take it personally) it's been really tough to get going. Actually, I have info from one person that I haven't added because I have been mulling over ways to make this page work, and get more people involved. Right now I am leaning towards a wiki; it would give people more control over the stuff they submit, the form they would like it presented in, etc, and I haven't done much with wikis yet, so it would be good experience for me as well.

I really hope that people occasionally check out the libraryland pages. Sometimes I don't know what to think - when I was in grad school, my libraryland site was pretty popular with the students, but now I "market" it from time-to-time on the school's listserve, and I don't ever get any feedback/participation. Weird.

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