Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Librarians Everywhere!

Well, if you haven't already checked out the new Library Society of the World created by Josh, then you must get yourself over there. Like the Library 2.0 community, it's a social network where we can share, communicate, and generally misbehave, and it's also a wiki - which I think (hope) will foster lots of collaboration and such like.

However, if you "need" more real-time socializing, or simply another thing to distract you from work, then you're going to love the new Library Society of the World Meebo Room! With Meebo, you can now create your very own chat rooms - just what my productivity needed! Actually, I missed this development, as I was having trouble connecting to Meebo because of my very lame internet connection - so when I saw this pop up on the LSW wiki, I was surprised. It's very very cool, and I have already spent way too much time in there.

Check it out - you can connect via the link, or you can chat RIGHT FROM HERE - take a look at the sidebar.

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Joshua M. Neff said...

Meebo rooms are just the thing for people who want to socialize but don't like to travel!