Monday, April 02, 2007

libraryland - HighBeam Research

HighBeam Research is an article database that I haven't heard much about, but that's been the case with a couple of databases that have turned out to be decent places to look for obscure stuff. I have poked around a bit, and from my limited access it seems that the database is magazine heavy and features international content as well as US sources.

HighBeam isn't a free database, but has marketed itself as a research tool that falls between the free sources and the "high-end" subscriptions - and is priced at $99.95 a year (or 29.95 a month). You can sign-up for a free 7-day trial, but be aware that it is one of those that will start charging you if you fail to cancel before the trila is over (I hate that!).

HighBeam probably falls far short of academic research standards, but for $100, it may be a decent option for schools/libraries/freelancers that can't afford the higher-end goods, or who cater to mainstream research needs. Check out the interesting evolution of the company here.

You will find this resource on the article databases page.

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