Sunday, April 15, 2007


No, that's not a typo.

I have been trying for hours, unsuccessfully, to install Ubuntu onto the laptop. First, I tried xubuntu because I thought that might be a better fit for the laptop (which has never quite performed up to snuff), but I abandoned that thinking that perhaps I had a bad download. I then downloaded the regular version, and did what they suggested and ran the hash utility - evrything checked out OK. I burned the disk and fired up the computer.

Basically, the installation just seems to hang every time. It goes and goes (but never gives me any prompts or anything to actually install, and not just run the the live disk) and then just stops.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1100, and has the necessary disk space and RAM to run the software - I have no idea what the deal is.

Any ideas out there?

It's not a huge deal if I can't get this going - my laptop is not my main computer, but I thought it might be fun to try ubuntu and that maybe it would solve the laptop's slow performance issues. I uninstalled MS Office and most of my other programs, ran a reg cleaner, spyware cleaner, and antivirus before beginning. I figured that if I could get Ubuntu going, I would be in a better position to talk to people about Linux and other FLOSS applications.... If Ubuntu doesn't end up working for me, I will download Open Office on the Windows OS. But, if anyone out there might be able to help, feel free to Meebo me, and if you Skype, maybe we can chat.

Josh, are you out there? I seem to remember you saying you installed Ubuntu on your lappy.

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Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem. It wasn't the download as the hash checked out okay. It was in my system in burning the CD. I eventually took it to another machine and burned a DVD and everything worked fine. Did you use Ubuntu's CD check? That's what pointed me in the right direction.