Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Five Blogs

I really needed this meme right now - I am feeling upset and scattered, and guilty that I haven't posted any meaningful content in days. Not this is meaningful, or maybe it is. At any rate, I need the diversion. I may or may not have been tagged for this, not sure at this point.

So, here are Five (5) Blogs that I read that aren't library-specific:

- Just like everyone else.

Barbara's Blog - This is Barbara Ehrenreich's blog, and I started reading it after I read Nickel and Dimed. She's not a daily blogger, and her posts tend to be lengthy, and that style works well for her. She blogs about class, politics, gender, socio-economics - all the things I love to read about when I'm not reading about libraries.

Feministing - OK folks, here it is: I am an unrepentant feminist. This comes as no surprise to some, I am sure, but I'm a little more hard-core than I tend to let on in mixed company. Feministing is the young, angry, idealist's feminist blog. Jessica links to many wonderful things, and, like any good extremist, sometimes goes over the edge and makes mountains out of molehills. But, I admire her grit, and I've been around long enough to "pick my battles" without being irrationally overcome by youthful passion.

Red Stapler - I read a whole raft of "personal" blogs. Personal blogs are interesting in that, to vast numbers of people, they are, in fact, uninteresting. I read blogs that have nothing to do with anything other than that blogger's day-to-day life. I also write a blog like that, and it is primarily read by people who don't know me "in real life"(thank God). This blog is one of those blogs. SueBob is smart, funny, and we have some stuff in common, which is probably why her blog appeals to me.

Lobster Squad - A new entry in my blogroll. I have recently starting reading some food/baking/cooking blogs, and I just love this one. It has a little of everything, and the drawings are irresistible. And it has the word "lobster," which is a favorite word as well as being a favorite food, and conjures up my favorite place, the ocean.

So, there ya have it.
Tag, you're it!


SUEB0B said...

Wow. I am as flattered as I have ever been! Thanks so much.

Megan said...

I'm a fan of feministing too! And Lifehacker!

The ZenFo Pro said...

I've never seen any of these, save feministing. Nice list. I'll check em out :)

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