Friday, April 06, 2007

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

OK, I am posting this on all of my blogs, relevant or not, because I just find it so funny! Christie Brinkley! And, what is up with me looking like Patrick Swayze? And, um, where the Hell is Queen Latifah?

Hey, can I make this a meme? Can I? I am tagging YOU - please do this and post it on your blog (and leave comment here) so that I can have some more joy in my life.

Oh, but wait, this may be related to info stuff after all. The generator of this generator is, an up-and-coming genealogy search site that has joined the ranks of and (and etc.). It's free to search, though the individual databases (about 400 of them) may charge you for access to pertinent results. Here's a decent overview of some of the genealogy sites from the Wall Street Journal.

What is clever about this fun time-waster (and creator of delusional thinking - Christie Brinkley!) is that it is really good at bringing someone into the MyHeritage site. Sure, as a librarian I am familiar with some of the genealogy databases and sites, but because it isn't an area of personal interest to me, this is one I hadn't heard of - until I saw someone else's Celebrity Look-Alike collage posted on their MySpace page (and their's was even more delusional, claiming she looked like Angelina Jolie - not). Great marketing!

Hey, this morphed into a libraryland post - how cool is that?

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