Friday, July 21, 2006


Very excited - I was just hired to do a freelance job! This isn't my first freelance gig, but it is the largest, and what is most cool is that the people saw my webpage and contacted me, unlike doing work for/through friends. Yay!

I was on Block Island for a couple of days, and did a little shopping in a posh bath/body products store (my personal shopping weakness). The owner was out of a product that I wanted, and I asked for her web address so that I could contact her to mail order it - she said she didn't have a webpage. I said, "I can put one togther for you." We traded cards. Mind you, I am far from being a web designer - FAR from it. But, I know enough to put together a simple page, which is all she's interested in. So, cool. Maybe I will barter for bath products. No, seriously.

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