Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Game On: Games in Libraries

Game On: Games in Libraries

Just got an e-mail from the local YA Listserv referencing this blog - looks interesting. I think it's a great idea, if you have the space and resources, which, in my opinion, our library does not. And, I will admit it - I am not a big fan of gaming, but I will also admit that that may simply be because I have no frame of reference for it.... I don't know, am I old now? The other day a pre-teen boy spent 5 straight hours on one of our computers playing video games - 5 hours. Since it was gorgeous out, there were no people waiting to get online, and I had no reason to ask him to get off the computer. But, I just kept thinking, "Shouldn't he be OUTSIDE running around on a day like this?" God, I've turnedinto my mother (who, for the record, would LOCK US OUTSIDE on gorgeous days!).

Oh, yeah, I blogged this using the "Blog This!" feature - works great.

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The ZenFo Pro said...

Hi Jessica, just stopping by (thanks for the link, it has been returned :) and thought I'd comment on the whole gaming culture.

LAst summer, my library had a huge problem with gamers...after being kicked out of the local public library, they decided to make my library their own personal playstation.

Um...did you know there is a subculture within the gaming culture that views urinating on oneself (as opposed to taking a potty break) as an acceptable practice?

Gaming, in and of itself, isn't bad. As depressing as it is to watch a kid waste away playing a game, as long as he/she is responsible in their usage there's usually no problem - but this is why I believe info lit desperately needs to be an integral part ofpublic librarianship...

Sorry for the long-winded comment :)