Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Homework Help

I am in the process of putting together a homework help drop in program (for 12-18 yr olds) here at the library. I'm hoping to use volunteers from the local colleges as tutors.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while, but I really didn't think I'd get the backing from The Powers That Be. I should know by now that I can almost never predict that - it seems to vary from day to day what is and isn't considered a good idea. At any rate, TPTB thought it was a great idea (yay!) and so now I am in planning mode before anyone changes their mind.

I'd like to have something - anything - in place by fall (I may be delusional). I don't expect that this will be a large venture at first, as we are not a big facility, and don't have a tremendous amount of teen foot traffic (something I am tirelessly working to address).

Anyway, I'd love to know about your teen homework help program, if you have one. You can either direct me to your webpage, leave a comment, or e-mail any helpful info - any feedback/input is welcome! I am also interested in the screening/training process you may have for your potential tutors, and what paperwork you require (if any) from the parents of teens using the service.

I am also posting this as a topic on the Library Talk Forum in another futile attempt to sway librarians towards the forum - feel free to answer there!

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