Saturday, May 20, 2006

OK, let's try this again...

A little while back, I posted this to the blog, but I didn't get any comments. Now that there are a few more people checking in here, I will beg for comments again (you can post them on this post).
I have tried, in vain, to get people interested in this board. And, if people aren't interested, that's fine - but I would REALLY like to know why librarians prefer listserves (which I just find too difficult/time consuming to keep up with) to message boards.

One thing that is a drawback to message boards is SPAM. I have tried to put safeguards in place on the board, but it's a constant battle to keep the SPAM at bay. Which, also brings me to another point - if people aren't interested in the board, I might as well take it down, because used or not, I do have to spend time maintaining it.

Just FYI re SPAM:
On this blog, "Anonymous" comments are welcome, but comments are "moderated" - meaning I review them before they are posted here. The only reason I do this is to control "comment SPAM" - NOT content.

On the Library Talk Forum, you have to register, and I activate the registration. Again, this is the only effective way to keep a handle the SPAM. I know it means you might have to wait to post (I live online, so the wait is pretty short), but most people prefer this to the vast amount of SPAM that show up on unmoderated forums.

I welcome comments about the SPAM policies as well...

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Kaijsa said...

I totally agree with you. I've been using message boards far longer than I've been a librarian, though. Listserves seem so old fashioned and haphazard that it's hard for me to follow.

I've heard from many librarians that they like listerves because messages come to their inboxes, and blogs and message boards are easy to forget. I guess I just already have the habit.