Monday, May 15, 2006

Random Stuff

First of all, I'd like to say how thrilled I am that people are reading this blog, and that I have received such interesting/helpful/supportive comments lately! Thanks! This is exactly what I need to motivate me to update more frequently.

Along those lines, I think I have decided to switch this blog over to WordPress, and host it on my server, which is what I do with my other blog. It'll take a few days to get it up and running (I still have to find a theme I like, tweak the code, etc.), but when I have a new address, I'll be sure to let you know - especially if you drop me a comment between now and then (if you haven't done so already). Comments that link to a website/blog/e-mail address will get a note with the new info.

I have mixed feelings about making the change; Blogger is a very easy app to get started with, and I highly recommend it for new bloggers or people who aren't into doing any code tweaking. It's fast, easy, and FREE! But WordPress is a much more flexible application (although there are instances where it could be a touch simpler) - it's also much harder to get a grip on, especially if you are used to Blogger, or if you want to change the look of your blog (or the order of stuff in the sidebar - although, now they have come up with "widgets" which help that process a lot). At any rate, since I already have one blog on my site, and may be switching my personal blog (no, I'm not going to tell you how to find that blog) over there as well, it will be easier to administer all of them from one place.

If anyone out there is a WordPress theme designer looking to "advertise," let me know - I am looking for themes for the cool librarian blog, and my personal blog (and if it's compatible with widgets, so much the better).

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