Sunday, March 19, 2006

Library Talk Forum - Comments Wanted

So, am I missing something? Why do librarians love listservs so much - especially as oppsed to forums?

This is a serious question.

Even though I have been using the internet for many years, I never seemd to "get into" listservs as much as I did forums. Now that I am a librarian, I subscribe to several listservs - and I find that I simply cannot effectively read, or keep up with, the very active ones. I find this frustrating, especially when it comes to lists that often have a lot of great ideas and information. It seems that no matter how many times people are reminded to cut and paste appropriately, there's a ton of repeated info, and I find it nearly impossible to follow a conversation. And if two or more topics are being actively discussed, forget it. Am I dense?

In an attempt to address this issue (and perhaps it's only an issue for me), I put up Library Talk, a discussion forum for librarians. I was hoping that people might check it out and be swayed by a forum's "conversational" style. It's had a few visits, but not much action, yet. I even posted a question to a YA list that I subscribe to, and tried to nudge people to reply on the board, but no one did... (I did, however, receive a huge number of great replies to the list, but, again, sometimes it was hard to follow.)

So, are librarians anti-forum? Should I simply stop whining? Or should I let the board ride a while and see if it picks up?

I do hope you'll check it out, and either post comments to the forum, or here. (Yes, you have to register, but that is simply to cut down on spam....)

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