Friday, February 02, 2007

Librarian Blogroll

So, I have an idea. Actually, it's not my idea, but I am thinking of borrowing the idea to use here. What is it, you ask? Well, it's a librarian community blogroll. There I go with that "community" thing again. I am just going to keep screaming "librarian community!" until everyone participates....

Anyway, while I was merging my blogs, I went over the blogrolls on each. I immediately noticed that in only a few cases, the links on one blogroll overlapped with the links on the other. And not even half of what I read on a regular basis appears in any of my blogrolls. Because, Let's face it, there are tons of great librarian/library blogs out there, and we can't possibly read them (or in some cases find them) all.

I've thought about simply linking to my reader, but, for me anyway, blogging is not only about posting, it's about linking, directly, to others. This is how bloggers gain and expand readership.

The concept is simple, and I belong to one such community blogroll that has not only helped bump the readership of another blog I have, but has lead me to some great blogs that I likely would not have stumbled across on my own. It goes like this: You cut and paste a piece of code and add it to your blog. Then, once you have done that, you let me know and I add you to the blogroll. That's it. Simple.

Concerned about "too much stuff" in your sidebar? Don't be. You can post the list anywhere in your blog (another page, perhaps), or you can use the handy scrollbox code to display the list in a compact form.

Josh, are you willing to be a guinea pig and help spread the word?
I need a couple of people to jump in so that I can get a roll going. Let me know if you would like to be one of the test blogs!


Joshua M. Neff said...

Sure, I'll be your guinea pig. I'm all about the Library Community. Show me the code and I'll add it to my blog.

Jessica said...

OK, I will work out the details and see if it works!
Thanks, Josh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Can I sign up as a guinea pig too?


Jessica said...

Sure thing, Chris!
I have to make a button, then, we're off!

Gregg said...

Count me in!