Tuesday, February 27, 2007

libraryland - Online Identity "Stuff"

See, this is why I get nothing done. I get up every morning with a plan, a list of things to do, places to go, people to see - and instead I spend the day online. It starts innocently enough - I just want to check my email - but then it spirals out of control and the next thing I know it's 3pm and I haven't had coffee, eaten anything, or gotten dressed.

Todays spiraling vortex of "wow, that's cool" is online identity tools, ClaimID and OpenID. I had heard of ClaimID before and thought it was very cool, but hadn't created a profile yet. OpenID is newer, and I stumbled on that while leaving a comment on someone's LiveJournal (and it sure did come in handy, since I do not have a LiveJournal account. Or, maybe I do, Who knows.)

Warning, if you are not familiar with either of these tools/sites, you can easily spend a good amount of time reading about them, registering, and making your pages. Next thing you know you are reading about hCards, and you think, "Well, I should have one of those, too!" Ooops, and then you're reading about Wikidentity, and that's just one more thing to do.

I still have not figured out all of the nuances to ClaimID, OpenID, or hCards and Wikidentity, and I've already lost more than two hours of my day. And since I have a million things to do that require coffee and clothing, I will be posting the latest info to the Social Software page later on. In the meantime, check these out, and comment if you have experience with them, or if you would like to share your profile(s). These sites are slightly outside of my tech-comfort zone in terms of what-all they do, so if you have info/experience/opinions, do tell.

Anyone taking bets as to whether I am still sitting here, hungry and coffee-less, at 2pm?

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