Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thinking about making a change....

No, I'm not moving to Canada - yet.

But, I am thinking about combining this blog with my other library blog, libraryland. Libraryland has been soundly neglected lately - I just don't have enough time to keep up with things it seems (why this is is a mystery to me - it's not like I work full-time). Libraryland started years ago when I was in grad school as a student resource and book swapping site, and sorta morphed into a links site of interesting library-esque stuff. I abandoned it completely for about 18 months, and then rebuilt it a year ago in WordPress - a process which took hours and hours and hours.

I have tried to drum up readership for that site, but because I simply don't update it as frequently as I'd like, people tend to stop by here rather than there. I feel like I've made more of a commitment here. BUT, I still think there's an audience, and a place, for the stuff that does show up on libraryland from time-to-time. And my "dream" is to someday be able to convince all of you talented people out there to contribute to Info Share - which I think could be a kick-ass resource if people would play along (nag, nag, nag).

If I do combine, I will be moving everything to the WordPress platform, simply because for a links blog, I find the multi-page format irreplaceable. Most likely the blog will remain Cool Librarian, the libraryland label will disappear, and I will post my "personal" library posts AND add to the links end when something comes up. Moving to WP would also solve the categories issue. The trick is going to be finding another theme I like and can make work with my CL logo, and migrating my archives. Actually, I have no idea how I would migrate my archives. And I also have no idea if I can change my URL on the current libraryland blog and not entirely eff-it-up.

But, that's the tentative plan. Has anybody out there either changed the URL on their WP blog and/or migrated archives from Blogger to WP? Was it awful? Let me know.


stephlib said...

Wordpres has an "import" function that allows you to import posts from blogger. I used it on my current blog and it works pretty well.

I too have made the move to integrate my personal life posts and library related posts into the same blog. I like the variety, and how it broadens my readership.

stephlib said...

ps, i am at