Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oooooo, you DON'T want Oprah mad at you.

Oh, my!
I am watching Oprah's interview with James Frey - she is rolling her neck and calling him a liar... Can't wait to hear what others think of all this.

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Rosemary Graham said...

It was amazing to watch. As mad as she was, though, I think O neglected to ask an important question of Nan Talese. All the press around this story discussed how Frey and his agent first shopped the book as a novel. Why didn't O ask Nan if she was aware that it had first been shopped as a novel? (I think that's the question they don't want to have asked most. Because the honest answer is, we could market it as a memoir much better than we could a novel.)

Thanks for stopping by, Jessica.