Sunday, January 22, 2006

Introducing - Library Talk

I have decided to throw my hat into the "library community" ring and have launched a new librarian bulletin board - Library Talk.

I'm hoping that this board might take on the same vibe I get over at Flickr - fun, informal, and very informative. I have always been partial to bulletin boards, because I like a conversational atmosphere.

I'm starting this off small, and broad, and hoping that it catches on. There is a thread for suggestions (please let me know what's working for you and what isn't), and if anyone is interested in moderating a thread or two, please let me know. I am also hosting it off-site to start with - I figured if it's a flop, I wouldn't have gone through the hassle of a PHP install for nothing. There is an ad banner, but no pop-ups (and if the board experiment works and people prefer that I host it on my site, I will).

I hope you'll check it out - registration is free, and you can also post as a guest if you'd rather not register (but I'm hoping you will).

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