Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You Lost Me at Hello

Facebook and your WebPac

Um, I have pretty much no idea what this says (I am so not a programmer), but, if I'm reading this right, it has something to do with putting your OPAC in Facebook - (right?). At any rate, perhaps someone out there reading this will understand it, and put the info to use. If you get this working on your Facebook page, do let me know!


Ben Brophy said...

Not really sure about the technical details myself, but MIT Libraries have this working. You can add a Facebook app that lets you search the OPAC (called Barton at MIT) from your facebook profile. I am not sure how many people *want* to do that, but it's cool that it works. Several MIT librarians have added it to their profile, which makes a lot of sense.

Jessica said...

Yeah, this is one of those 2.0 things that might fall more under the category of "neat" than "needed." I think it would be fun to put it on my profile just for giggles, but I seriously doubt I could get through this tutorial intact.