Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ms. Dewey, Part Deux (sorry)

No, I have not forgotten about this blog, I have been busy blogging everyday over at my personal blog for NaBloPoMo. I cannot do two things at once, obviously.

OK, so, my last post was simply a link to Ms. Dewey and my comment that I thought it odd. Well, now I know why I don't "forcefully" review anything on my blogs - people get crazy!

This Ms. Dewey has stirred up more disagreement in the info world (about something almost completely superfluous) than I have seen in a long time. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people hate the haters. Most men love it simply because Ms. Dewey is "smoking hot." Some people aren't taking it too seriously and have no idea what to make of those who do. Wow, all this over what I thought was the info equivalent to the Subservient Chicken. (Warning: Liberal use of the words "love" and "hate." No, I wasn't striving for safe, neutral, terms here!)

Personally, I got a kick out of it for a few minutes and then moved on. I don't think I ever thought of using it seriously as a search tool - in fact, I only looked at a few of the search "results" - and since they weren't anything that I couldn't find FASTER on my own, I really just wrote it off as a funny site - ha ha. Maybe I'll pay more attention when someone comes out with a "smoking hot" GUY version...

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The ZenFo Pro said...

You know, its amazing that anybody would even bother with bikering over something Microsoft Live folks designed as a gag promotional interface.

I had the same reaction...people took this seriously? Jeezus --lol, hey, I'm sure somebody at ALA's gonna want to present a paper on it, maybe hold a roundtable, or possibly tie the damned thing to Cuban libraries...