Sunday, October 01, 2006

libraryland and sharing information

So, are you folks heading over to libraryland at all? I think it's funny that this blog has developed more of a readership than I ever dreamed of, while libraryland seems kind of quiet. While sometimes something useful stuff gets posted here, for the most part it's just me blathering on about my job, and occasionally, pieces of my life. At least at libraryland you might find something that you can use.

To that end, I have renamed the Original Works page - it's now the Info Share page. You can read how that came about here.

Once again, I am going to beg for your wonderful bits of creativity, wisdom, and in some cases, utter BS. I know I am not the only info pro out here with a folder full of pathfinders, webliographies, and bio-bibliographies. So, come on, share!!! An active Info Share page would be the one thing that would make libraryland somewhat unique.

Oh, wait! I just had a thought - would more people play if it was a wiki? Hmmmm.... Really, let me know what you think of the wiki idea - if people are into it, I'd gladly change the format.

Anyway, I hope you can add libraryland to your reading list.

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