Monday, October 23, 2006

Hmmmm, should I feel badly?

My library blocks MySpace. This is not a policy that I personally endorse, but no amount of carping from me to the board is going to make any difference. The reasons for blocking MySpace are the standard ones - compounded by the fact that the 14 year-old daughter of a patron was corresponding with an 18 year-old boy/man - who was using MySpace here at the library. Sigh.

Anyway, the blocking software wasn't catching MySpace for a few days, and apparently word spread - tonight the computers were over-run with teens, every one of them on MySpace, and every one of them rude and obnoxious. I had complaints from adult patrons due to the noise. I was eye-rolled, talked-back-to, and completely ignored (until I got Queen Latifah on them, rolled my neck, and said, "Oh no you didn't!"). These are not teens that EVER come into the library - once MySpace was blocked months ago, they all disappeared. The ones waiting for a computer to open up were disruptive, and not one of them picked up a BOOK - heaven forbid. I tried to talk to them (like I usually do with teen patrons), but they were not interested in anything I had to say.

The block was reinstated while they were here, and when the screens shut them down, they all got up and left - loudly. I doubt I will see them again unless the block fails again.

So, what does this say? Here I've been one to advocate for social software in the library and for education over blocking, but, I gotta say, having to police those kids tonight was a real pain in my ass.

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Anonymous said...

Nasty little brats.

But it's "I feel bad," not "I feel badly." You know, predicate adjective and all that, not adverb. Come on, you a librarian for cripes sake!