Thursday, August 31, 2006

That's Nice

So, just now, one of my co-workers came over to the desk and said that an out-of-town patron who has been visiting the area this summer, and using our library frequently, asked if she could have copies of my posters/flyers about the Teen Spot Reviews program, the Homework Drop-In program, and the What Do You Want books lists. The patron said she thought they were "wonderful," and that she would like to see her local library work harder to promote teens using their library.

Wow, that makes me feel great! And slowly but surely, the kids are signing up for the programs, which makes me feel even better. Comments like this make leaving the area for another job pretty tough - I love it here, and perhaps I am doing some good.

Now If I could just figure out why funding a fully-functional YA program here is not on the Town's, or Board of Directors', list of things to do.


joshua m. neff said...

Good job!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Sweet! Gotta love when someone outside the normal daily grind gives you credit for your job!