Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm IT!

I cannot even express how thrilled I am that I have been tagged! Really! A big "thank you" to Erica at Librarian Avengers for tagging me. I know, some people hate this stuff, but, hey, what else have I got to do? Fun!

On to the merriment...

1. How Many Books Do I Own?
Well, I am embarrassed to admit that I own very few books - only about 125 or so. This is a paltry number, ESPECIALLY for a librarian and voracious reader. So, why is that? Well, I'm poor, and my "disposable income" goes for things like rent, food, and right now, GAS. And, I find that in the case of fiction, unless I LOVE it, I move it along after I am done with it. My collection is comprised predominantly of non-fiction titles, reference books, and my cookbook collection. A few favorite fiction titles, in hardcover, some signed works. For the most part, right now at least, my reading material comes from the library - who knew. Oh, and at any given time there are probably 50 or so titles floating around the give away/trade/recycle/eventually go to BookCrossing pile.

2. Last Book I Bought:
The new edition of the Feminine Mystique. Last book I took out of the library (yesterday) was The Boundaries of her Body. Hmmmm, I see a pattern...

3. Last Book I Read:
Shut the Door - a YA title with not such YA stuff going on in it. See my post from the other day to see why I am reading YA fiction about 20 years too late.

4. Five Books that Mean A Lot to Me:
Nickel and Dimed - A truly real look at what it means to be "working poor" in America. The

Complete Signet Classic Shakespeare - I cannot give up this book with all of its memories of my favorite class and favorite teacher, and the insane writing in the margins.

Tie: Illumination Night and Here on Earth. The first introduced me to one of my favorite fiction writers, Alice Hoffman, and the latter is perhaps my favorite of her titles.

The Silent Partner by Judith Greber. This is my "comfort book." I read it when I am sick or anxious. I don't know why, there is nothing special about the story or the writing, but reading it makes me feel better and I know it by heart. It's no longer in print, so my copy is pretty beat.

Sweet Miniatures . My absolute favorite and most used cookbook. I am on my second copy. This is the book that lead to my being crowned "Queen of Pastry" in my social circle.

5. Tag Five More:
Um, I'm new to this blogging scene, so I'll have to think about this - I'll let you know.

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