Saturday, January 05, 2008


Yes, I have been a big slacker for quite some time. My personal life is FULL of upheaval right now, and I just haven't felt a lot of energy for blogging here. So many people blog about library stuff on a much more pertinent and consistent level than I do, that sometimes I wonder if I have anything at all to add. No, I haven't decided to retire Cool Librarian, but I guess right now it's just not a priority.

Aside from my crazy personal life, the situation at work has also made blogging about my job more difficult. It's not a happy time at my library, but because I am job-hunting, I don't feel free to talk much about work. This is beyond frustrating for me - first of all, I like blogging about my job, and I miss doing that. Secondly, I would love to be able to let the world know about the insanity going on there, but I can't be the one to do that, unless I want to spend the next few months living in a cardboard box. Suffice it to say, it ain't good.

In spite of all this, I actually have high hopes for 2008. I have a new love, and dare I say that he may be "the one." At my age, I figured that boat had sailed, and I was destined to be that caricature - you know, the spinster librarian with all the cats (cuz I do love me some cats). Professionally, well, let's just say this - if the library job market doesn't open up here soon, I may have to seriously consider another line of work. Since I love school more than just about anything (DORK), getting yet another degree wouldn't be the worst way to spend a few months.


K.G. Schneider said...

Hey, congrats on the love life, and I hope the rest of it gets better. You'll find your path, in or out of libraries.

Susan said...


I am sorry to hear you are having career trouble. It sounds as if it's a difficult situation. As a fellow dork/geek, I can relate to the desire to keep studying. I would be interested in learning how things work out for you.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Aw, chica, that sucks. Know what you mean about blogging v. work ickiness though. Lord, hope you're doing better soon!

chou said...

Hmm, all the librarians I know seem to be experiencing job dissatisfaction. January, perhaps? Best of luck in your job hunt.

Liz said...

Best of luck on the job hunt. I totally understand considering other lines of work. I'm willing at this point to work for for-profit companies as long as I don't think what they do is TOTALLY evil. See, it has come to that.