Monday, December 03, 2007

Cleaning House

It's time for some end-of-the-year housekeeping at Cool Librarian.

First, I'd like ask any of my newer readers who regularly check in via an aggregator (Bloglines, etc) to stop by the actual blog and take a look around. The CL blog is not just a single page, but several pages that archive (by subject, somewhat) the topics and tools that I have posted. So, the blog actually functions as the front page to a whole site, if you will. If you haven't done so recently, come check it out; I'm getting ready to make some changes and updates.

Library Links
- Along those lines, if you are unaware of Library Links, please take a peek at that page. This is one collaborative project that's actually worked out quite well. We'd love to have you join us.

Info Share - After three years of begging people to participate in this, I'm thinking of scrapping it altogether. I still think it's a cool idea that would lend some value and uniqueness to Cool Librarian, but if people don't want to contribute, it's kinda pointless. So, before I throw in the towel, does anyone have any comments? Should I accept that people just "aren't into into it," and fold it up? Would you be interested if something was done differently? Did you have no idea it existed? Would you do it if you had total control over the posting of your projects - for instance, if I changed the format to a wiki? If I get some positive feedback and decide to keep at it, would you be willing to mention it on your blog? Please, help me out here - if you have yet to comment on this blog, now's the time.

Library Talk
- I mentioned on that blog some time ago that I was most likely going to jettison it. I got responses from the usual suspects, but nothing more. So, again, if you didn't know it existed, check it out. To be honest, I'm more ready to let go of Library Talk than I am Info Share, so if it isn't useful to people, it's probably going bye-bye.

Potential Additions - Is there anything you'd like to see here (in terms of pages or sidebar content, not just blog posts) that isn't here? Have you had an idea in your head that you don't have time to implement?

I guess that's my list for now....

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