Sunday, August 05, 2007

Warning: Your librarian may be a freak.

Ahhh, summer. I love summer.

One of the things I love about summer is driving, windows down, sunroof open, music LOUD. And let's not forget the singing. And dancing while driving. Yeah, good times.

So, here I am on my way to work, windows down, music blaring, and traffic crawling (I work on the main route to the local beaches). I am listening to, of all things, the "Back in the Day Cafe" on the hip-hop station (I almost never listen to hip-hop/rap - except when I am driving for some reason), and "I Wanna Sex you Up" (do you even remember that song?) comes on. Now, mind you, this is not even a song I like, but it's hot and sunny and I am in the throes of summer joy, so I'm singing and dancing and grooving - and then I hear it: "Hi, Jessica!!"

I look to my left, and there are two of my favorite little YA people (ages 12 and 10) in the car next to me. Waving. Laughing. And their GRANDMOTHER (a little white-haired Q-Tip of a woman) is driving them. Grandma is laughing. Then I laugh.

I turn down the music and say, "Boy, this doesn't look very librarianish of me!" The girls giggle and tell me that they are on their way to the library, but not my library. "But we love you best!" they yell as Grandma roars off when the light turns green.

I turned my music back up and continued grooving on my way. Made my day, those kids did.


ROYAL MOOD said...

Check out the July 8th NY Times Sunday Styles section 9 for an article titled, "A Hipper Crowd of Shushers".
My mom sent it to me as I am a school librarian who looks a lot more like a rock musician. I also am that so it isn't such a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cool Librarian,

Your last post reminds me how many comedy things happen in the library. Thought you might like to check this funny blog about a male children's librarian.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Great post, chica!!!

Dontcha just dig those moments?

After reading that NYT article a while back, about the "hip" librarians, I remember actually getting pissed.

Those were the coolest librarians they could find??

Wow. They obviously didn't try hard enough. Read a lot like other stereotypical, scenester/emo adult stuff, librarians hanging out together and patting each other on the back for being cool.

This is a much better example - when patrons think you're just badass for being yourself.

Liz said...

LOL. I always fear that I will be caught in one of those car-singing-dancing moments.

btw, Jason the zenfo pro is right about that NYT article.

Vampire Librarian said...

This was a sweet story. Maybe me happy, though when I read the title of the post, I was expecting something else.