Monday, July 09, 2007

Oral History, Anyone?

You have got to check out Voice Thread! Talk about a great way to create an oral history, a travel log, a family-oriented audioblog -- you name it. I'm just sitting here thinking about how teachers and librarians could use this with teens as a way to connect them with their family history, and talk about a nifty tool for some intergenerational programming. I also think this could be a good tool for those who would like to try an alternative to traditional screen casting.

Be sure to check out What is Voice Thread, anyway?, and the basic tutorial, here.

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OK, I MUST stop now (why do I think I'm going to blow a good chunk of the day playing with this?). Have fun!


Joshua M. Neff said...

Sweet! MPOW is wanting to add oral history podcasts to our History partnership site, so I'll have to show them this.

Ref_Librarian said...

Thanks for posting about this new Web 2.0 service. I can see many different applications for libraries. I commented on it on my blog, "Senior Friendly Libraries": Oral History and Reminiscing