Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I really could have used this!

Still in school? Research librarian? Writer? Teaching bibliographic instruction? Then you may want to check out Zotero, a nifty download that works with Firefox (and Netscape Navigator 9 and some versions of Flock) to keep track of your research sources. Zotero captures citation information, allows tagging, saves searches, exports formatted citations, saves and searches, allows note taking, and more. It's free and open-source, so expect changes, additions, and updates along the way.

I remember giving myself a crash-course in EndNote for a huge bio-bibliography I did on Kate Chopin - I think this project would have been easier with a tool like Zotero. Very cool.


Kaijsa said...

Thank you! I installed this right after you posted and already love it and use it. I'm even adding it to the list of topics for our fall tech workshop series. Maybe it will be part of a "soup up your Firefox" workshop.

Sorry it took me so long to holler back about it.

Karin Dalziel said...

I am totally, head over heels in love with Zotero. I've been using it since the beta (don't I sound super cool now) and it just keeps getting better. It's great to know that there is a team of people working behind the scened to keep improving it, too.