Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interview? Bueller?

Well, I still haven't heard about an interview for the job I REALLY want, but Cool Librarian did pick up another freelance gig - so that's nice right before the holidays. I'll be doing some grant research for a local education/art non-profit. It's a fairly well-known group here, so it could lead to other jobs. Another bonus is that I enjoy grant research, so this should be a good way to spend my off time. Cool!

Also on the "moving along" front, I have seen a few of the logo design idea from Mary's students. Some interesting work. So far, my favorite design has nothing to do with librarianship visually (it's sort of a floral design), but I like it. Can't wait to see what I end up with for final choices. If I can't decide, I may need some help....

Totally Different Topic:
Any public librarians reading this? Is anyone doing anything for Ben Franklin's 300th birthday in their library? Apparently this is BIG DOINGS in some places, and my boss suggested I look into tossing together some sort of YA program - which is amusing, since we don't do any YA programming. Heh.

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